When I have faith

Life is so short
it passes so quickly.
Think about it deeply.

Answers on their way
will come shortly
to guide you
through your journey

You still have the timewe-still-have-the-time
as long as you’re alive
to make of your day
the success of a lifetime

This is a simple advise
that is also very wise.

You have the chance
to make something
from nothing.

So start playing
and enjoy living
nobody is judging
cause we’re all here wishing
to start doing.


Plan your dream trip
with or without helpful tips
work hard a little bitkeep-going
before you quit.

Imagination through
the power of believing,
makes your daydreaming
a real happening.

You know what I am saying.
“When I have faith
I attract everything”

So good luck
and keep going

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