I think so

Dress to impress
show the guestdress-to-impress
you really care
about yourself
despite the stress

Try to live well
find an intimate place
where you can spell
I Love and I Forgive myself“.
Say it over and over again
till you find peace
but please
love yourself first love-yourself

Smile after a cry
even if it’s hard
you have to try
things will never last
for ever

The modern toilet
is the bowel’s  greatest enemy.


Squat to defecate
is the natural position
Ask Dr Jensen,
his books has the answer

So, let’s go with the beat
of the poesy
and turn the topic
into a melody

It goes a little something like this:let's-turn-it-to-melody

Sit on your heels
with knees and feet
together, after a meal

Get rid of the toxins
in your body
and then you will feel
like in a dream
Happy happy happy
and released

Educate instead of medicate
Elimination is the solution
for unnecessary illusionslaugh-at-it

I try to let go
sometimes it’s like a show
in my mind
I am somewhere else

demanding for more
I don’t know


I can’t help getting
but I can definitely stop getting


you know,
Life cannot all be ups,                                                                
there’s lot of downs as well,
like a yoyo,                                                                         
but you get sense                                                                   
of your tenacity
through those ups and downs

with time…..

what else?
I feel empty,
let’s wait and see,
what is and what is to be,
later this week…

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