Don’t you give up


everyday make a change
you listen
No matter what this change is
small or big
     just go for it
                    do, for what you have come to do
make a difference 
let it happen
with time you will see the light
of heaven
Guidance is by your side
to lift you up
anytime  you want
your dream, you will be proud
for real, it will become
loud is your shout
of joy for being alive
                                                 just believe
                          and look after your seeds
                                        in word and deed
                       Sometimes, I don’t dare
                        cause fear makes me stay
                        in a lack of conviction
Suddenly I loose trust 
                like if that voice inside
                 has no more right
                        to speak up
Have you ever heard about Ego
that noiseless voice
after an echo
who fight for a cause
fear and its flocks
The thing is 
     he makes this stuff up
              for despair is his reasonDSC_0120
He wants 
to take over 
your life and
your imagination
Darkness is his inspiration
                   by giving you this impression
                               of yourself
                                   in a state of….
an awkward…. feeling……
of disconnectio
……..scary sensations
Like a worried dog
chasing its tail
….makes you
                                         Remember it’s your decision
  Ego needs to feel you
                                                                      DSC_0089      he enjoys you
living with guilt
Ego will force you to think
you’re not worth it
you don’t deserve it
you’re a coward
 as if you can’t stand up
and see the bright side
                                                                                                                         of LIFE
you become
Gollum, in Lords of the RingsDSC_0104
You remember him
                                      He captures you
In the darkness
he keeps you
to protect himself
                                       He can’t live
            when you are blissfully happy
                                       he vanishes
                                   when you wake up
                                        heroically, back to light
this is why
he will fight against anything
that you make right
Love is what You are
 I don’t know how
to give up
and let go 
what I have built upDSC_0480
                                               …..a messy messy confusion
it’s okay to feel this way
Sometimes you have to fail
and make mistakes
for you learn 
and you change
at your own pace
DSC_0153So get messy
and live it fully
for ideas spring up
when hard becomes funny
the Art of Non-Conformity
is your book of joy and philosophy
be funky
like flowers 
in a windy,
                                                                                      sunny place to be


             Take another chance
                  with a deep breath
smile and say
I’ll do it again
this time I really will
You are one step away
of what you will create
so keep the faith
and walk through your day
with harmony
for today is gonna be the best day
of your life
                                            Welcome change
                                         happening is action
                                                                                    a miracle is coming your way
DSC_0126                          look in the mirror
                                and be the doer


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