Do you ever wonder?


I wonder where my keys are
I wonder what I was thinking about at 30
I wonder why am I still doing what I am doing
wonder if I made the right decision

or if


DSC_0358I am good enough

I wonder which one shall I choose…


Do u eνer wonder

Sometimes I wonder, just for pleasure

I just some times wonder on some questions

why i am still living

                   is it true we die
or I Leave my body to GET IN her body
and then, GET OUT with a new body
Giving birtto myself again
                              YET ….
am still the same but not aware about this change
I wonder is it like Just asking
or is it more than a question,
like an infection
in a hot weather under a severe air pollution
Keep it simple
my little golden book says
is it serious or just avoiding simply to answerwonder1
Believe, Love, Dream, Inspire
I still wonder why
it doesn’t come with these built in solutions
after all what you have been through
but if it doesn’t challenge you
                                        it doesn’t change you
What is about change
why do we need to?
to grow up
what if I don’t want to
what if I want to, but not now
what if don’t need to
I still wonder
I think wonder makes you change
it’s a way to make it simple
by the way
for a decision to make
one day
that will keep you away
of living the same
I still wonder though
from time to time
maybe becausewonder3
YOU want me to
as IF it’s sign
of change to come
from an endless sky
so make this moment count
no matter what
you wonder about.
Trust me for I know when is the good time.
don’t WHY too much
cause the answer is quite simple,
Everything happens for a reason
……..I wonder
What time is it?

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