World Gratitude Day

To progress in life, give thanks to life

To progress in life, give thanks to life

It’s not easy to be grateful,
I forget
especially when I take everything for granted
like this awesome day we’re having
that maybe we’re not even noticing.

“Look at the light in the middle of the night. Beautiful insights arise. I am thankful for the wonderful time I spent taking these pictures. It impresses me so much, the effect of light, in our looks, in our life.”


Grateful for these colours

Grateful for these colours

Looking for the good
in everything I see,
I do

Feeling this connection with heaven
when everything is suddenly threatened
I keep on saying with determination
that everything is gonna be amazing.
For that, I am so grateful

Everyday, I grow, I become more

Everyday, I grow, I become more

I have the opportunity
to be aware
of the actions I can take
and start all over again

“I start my day and I pray, for God to stay, in my heart, in my mind.
This way I focus on what really counts to let my dream become alive.
With him by my side, I grow to be more of what once I have agreed to come for.”

Filling my journey
with love and energy
Making God my priority
in my mind and my reality

I am not alone

I am not alone

I know
am not alone
there’s an invisible force
that works for me
and for my folks
everywhere we go

“I know am not alone, I can’t say more cause it’s a feeling and it’s out of my control. I know that’s all. Between my eyes and the sky there’s a sound, there’s a call, there’s love in every soul like in this picture. Look at it, admire it, and feel the connection, believe me, energy flows where attention goes. Look at it again and let it be imprinted in your mind, everytime you need a sign from the sky that you’re okay, that you’re fine. Pray, it’s a wonderfull way to be thankful for everything that is, the way it is.”

I trust this force

I trust this force

I trust this force
I am proud with my choice
and I feel thankful, for it works.

I don’t need to be stressed
and for the respect
I have for this infinite Universe,
I give space to be blessed
and follow my call till the end.

I trust this force no matter how strong is the storm.
I don’t care for my faith is built on rocks,. I’ll make it through and I’ll pursue it to the end.

I learn how to be grateful

I learn how to be grateful

I learn how to be grateful
I pray to remember to be grateful.
It’s hard sometimes, I know

we worry a lot,
acting like Gods
fixing our stuff

We feel disconnected
like if we‘re different
from this natural state of being:
Grateful for everything we have”

You know why

You know why

And you know why?
Because my mind
is somehow,
crazy and wild!
Thanks to GOD
creativity give possibilities
to poetry, as well as to anxiety
this is what we call in french:
“La Folie des grandeurs”

So we loose control
of our thoughts
we feel alone
for a moment, for a second or all the show,
and then, fear appears
and it sounds so real
to make you believe
you’re left on this field

Until we go back home

Until we go back home

Until we go back home
to this infinite source
of joy
of pure love and hope

until I found out,
there’s a magic side behind
the practice of Gratitude

like a magnet
it opens the door
for more to grow

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord

I pray
because I am aware
how powerful,
being thankful is

Everything we see, we feel, we touch,
Everything we share, we do, we create in life,
is a miracle, and to expect more,
all you need is a touch of gratitude.

I give thanks for everything I have
I give thanks for everything I don’t have

Thank you God for the blessings
you’ve given me,
for the second chances,

and You,
What makes you grateful?

When I have faith

Life is so short
it passes so quickly.
Think about it deeply.

Answers on their way
will come shortly
to guide you
through your journey

You still have the timewe-still-have-the-time
as long as you’re alive
to make of your day
the success of a lifetime

This is a simple advise
that is also very wise.

You have the chance
to make something
from nothing.

So start playing
and enjoy living
nobody is judging
cause we’re all here wishing
to start doing.


Plan your dream trip
with or without helpful tips
work hard a little bitkeep-going
before you quit.

Imagination through
the power of believing,
makes your daydreaming
a real happening.

You know what I am saying.
“When I have faith
I attract everything”

So good luck
and keep going

I think so

Dress to impress
show the guestdress-to-impress
you really care
about yourself
despite the stress

Try to live well
find an intimate place
where you can spell
I Love and I Forgive myself“.
Say it over and over again
till you find peace
but please
love yourself first love-yourself

Smile after a cry
even if it’s hard
you have to try
things will never last
for ever

The modern toilet
is the bowel’s  greatest enemy.


Squat to defecate
is the natural position
Ask Dr Jensen,
his books has the answer

So, let’s go with the beat
of the poesy
and turn the topic
into a melody

It goes a little something like this:let's-turn-it-to-melody

Sit on your heels
with knees and feet
together, after a meal

Get rid of the toxins
in your body
and then you will feel
like in a dream
Happy happy happy
and released

Educate instead of medicate
Elimination is the solution
for unnecessary illusionslaugh-at-it

I try to let go
sometimes it’s like a show
in my mind
I am somewhere else

demanding for more
I don’t know


I can’t help getting
but I can definitely stop getting


you know,
Life cannot all be ups,                                                                
there’s lot of downs as well,
like a yoyo,                                                                         
but you get sense                                                                   
of your tenacity
through those ups and downs

with time…..

what else?
I feel empty,
let’s wait and see,
what is and what is to be,
later this week…

However old you are

Everyday you wake up in the morning
bless the day with grateful feelings

However-old-I-amLook in the mirror
and say these powerful words


Encourage yourself by believing
because honestly this is what you really are
a Beautiful being, an Amazing mind, inside & out





Inspire others with your awareness,
Make it a daily commitment
for every moment
it’s worth trying.

Share this, with your mates
tell them how wonderful they are.
You will make the difference

cause even if you don’t know why
somebody right now
might need this to try
and make a positive change in his or her life.